How to Use Coconut Oil In Hair

It's been a go-to staple for many in recent years. Coconut oil has many uses, including culinary uses, skincare and so much more. But did you know that coconut oil is also a natural remedy for hair care and can be used in several ways to promote healthy hair growth and reduce frizziness? Here are some of our favourite ways to use coconut oil in our hair...As a pre-shampoo treatment: Before washing your hair, apply coconut oil to your scalp and hair and massage it in. Leave it on for at least 30 …
19th Jan 2023

How to Stop Frizzy Hair

Suffering from frizzy hair? Perhaps you've always had frizz and flyaways, or perhaps your tresses turn static as soon as a drop of rain appears. Whatever the case, we've compiled a list of some helpful ways to banish that big ball of frizz....Here are some tips to help reduce frizzy hair:Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner: Frizzy hair is often caused by having very dry hair, and using a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated to add moisture to the hair can help reduce frizz. We recom …
19th Jan 2023

What Does Toner Do To Hair?

You may have heard of toner, especially if you're a blondie! But what exactly is it, and what does it do to our hair?Toner is used to neutralise brassy or yellow tones in blonde, silver, or white hair. It is typically used after hair has been lightened or highlighted to help restore the hair's natural colour and tone. Toners may also be used to enhance or change the overall colour of the hair, by depositing pigments that are different from the natural hair color. Toners can come in a v …
19th Jan 2023

How to French Braid Your Hair

A French braid is a type of braid that involves weaving sections of hair over one another, creating a raised, braided pattern. To French braid your own hair, follow these steps: Start with dry, brushed hair. Comb your hair to get rid of tangles.Divide your hair into three sections: one on the left, one in the middle, and one on the right.Cross the left section over the middle section, then the right section over the middle section.Take a small piece of hair from the left side of your head, and …
19th Jan 2023

How to Style Shorter Hair

We've all been there...You emerge from the salon in love with your new 'do, but then reality hits. How do you style this thing?!Fear not, here at, we're here to help with some tips, tricks and inspiration on how to style your new shorter hair. Read on!Spiking: Use a strong-hold gel or wax to create spikes or points in the hair. We recommend the NAK Amped Up Fibrous Gel for maximum styling control.Slicking back: Use a pomade or wax to smooth the hair back, away from the face. …
19th Jan 2023

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