Actyva Volume Corposita Conditioner 150ml

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Body-building conditioning treatment for fine hair with a fluid, ultra-light texture.

For Hair That’s…


What Does It Do?

  • A body-building and volumising, silicone-free conditioner specifically for fine hair
  • Fluid, ultra-light texture
  • Makes detangling easier
  • High concentration of active ingredients adds volume and leaves the hair soft and full of body

How Do I Use It?

  • Apply on freshly washed and thoroughly towel-dried ends and mid-shafts
  • Massage it in, section by section
  • Comb to distribute
  • Leave in place 3 to 5 minutes
  • Emulsify and rinse thoroughly

A Little Tip:

One More Thing…

  • Certified Love Nature
  • ICEA Vegan
  • Packaging made of Polietilene Green 

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